Meet Bob

I am running for governor of Oregon because too many Oregonians are struggling.

I have the experience, education, knowledge and proven leadership, as demonstrated in my executive business, Navy and legislative careers —-to resolve Oregon’s most serious problems…..and turn the state around. It can be done. It’s time for real leadership with just results, no excuses.

My experience in leading multi-million-dollar companies by problem solving, hiring the right people, implementing aggressive plans and strategies to achieve results —can be applied to solving Oregon’s most serious, complicated problems. My past political experience of identifying issues and achieving results –demonstrates difficult problems can be solved and that I am not afraid to take them head on.

I stepped up to be Chief petitioner of Measure 11 to crack down on violent crime in Oregon and it worked for a long time. I worked hard on a pension reform measure to reign in state spending. I stood up for voters on a bad transportation scheme. All examples of the leadership I have and will provide. I will not make excuses, and I will get results. That is who I am. A leader and problem solver not by proclamation or political promises….but through proven experience and results.

For too long Oregon has been electing politicians that lack the background or experience necessary to solve the problems and challenges Oregon faces. Widespread crime, small businesses shutting down, mandates on our citizens, students struggling in school and homelessness.

The city of Portland, is becoming a ghost town —a national disgrace where fear of crime, unsanitary conditions and possible riots and lawlessness rule the day. The City of Roses is fast becoming the city of dying roses. And it’s seeping out to the surrounding suburbs.

Add to that, traffic in the Portland metro area is often gridlocked because increasing road capacity has long been ignored as population soared. And our current political leaders have done virtually nothing to correct these problems.

Oregon needs a Governor who has a proven track record to fix these challenges, and the tenacity to get the job done.

Our kids and grandkids deserve a leader who will get results. They certainly deserve a better Oregon.

We all want the old Oregon back. With a skilled workforce in manufacturing, natural resources, and across all sectors of our economy balanced with a healthy environment.

We want safe communities and parks for children to play in without heaps of trash, hazardous waste or homeless campers in our streets, right of ways and neighborhoods.

We want schools where parents have more of a voice in what’s going on, teachers feel supported and students are succeeding.

We want Oregon small businesses to be free from out of control state government regulations and tax and spend policies that stop them from growing and creating jobs that would help us solve some of our most challenging issues like homelessness.

We can work on results like these and on Oregon’s other big problems together.

To get there…..We need leaders who have proven they know how to tackle problems, the ability to lead people and the tenacity to get the job done.

The Oregon we once knew is slipping away. But it can be fixed. We need to come together to turn it around. And it can be done with your support and real, proven leadership. That’s why I am asking for your support.

Results, not excuses.