Leading Republican Candidate for Governor, Bob Tiernan Promises to Overturn New Tampons in School Restrooms Law

(Lake Oswego, May 6, 2022) In light of recent news reports about the Menstrual Dignity Act being implemented in schools across Oregon, republican candidate for governor, Bob Tiernan issued the following statement: 

As a grandfather to four young grandsons, I am shocked that the liberal leaders in our state government are promoting putting tampons in the boys’ bathrooms in our K-12 public schools. What message does that send my kindergarten or third grade grandsons? Of course, we want to teach our children to respect other people who are different than they are, but this is taking it too far. 

As a conservative running for Governor, I’m appalled this measure (House Bill 3294) was allowed to go into effect. If elected, I will do everything in my power to get this crazy new
law off the books. Should the legislature not cooperate in amending the policy, I will remove allocations used to pay for dispensers of these products from the state school fund.

A credible poll released this week shows Tiernan and Christine Drazan in a statistical tie going into the final days before the May 17th primary election. 

Editors and reporters interested in talking with Bob Tiernan about the menstrual dignity issue or other topics, please contact Media Coordinator Bella Johnson at media@bobtiernan.com or 971.266.9128.

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